How To Decorate A Living Room

The living room is typically the centre of any home, where we gather to relax and unwind with friends and family. When designing a living room, you must create a place that serves both practical and aesthetically pleasing purposes. This guide will walk you through our best ideas for decorating yours.

1. Rugs ideas for the living room

Start with your base - Selecting your rug first sets the tone of your space. It defines the area, the style and colour direction.

2. Sofa ideas for the living room

Take a seat - your sofa should be comfortable and create a welcoming feeling. The shape of your sofa and the fabric selection also impacts the overall effect of the room.

3. Occasional Chair ideas for the living room

A feature armchair creates seating flexibility in a space, all whilst including another form to ensure the space has visual interest.

4. Objects ideas for the living room

The 'finishing touches' are what can tie a space together.