Trit House

Established in 2006, Trit's curatorial approach brings together furniture, objects and art with a signature vision for inspired living. We believe that a home that expresses your personal point of view is a home that you will love living in for a lifetime.

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Who is Trit House?

From its creative hub in Melbourne, Trit develops their own unique products, while also scouring the world to discover and partner with the best in international design.

What are they known for?

Trit’s trendsetting collections are celebrated for infusing a global design perspective with the Australian style. With showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Trit is regarded as a design destination for architects and designers alike.

Why do we love them?

Trit House showcases an exclusive and evolving range of products that feature locally designed pieces as well as international brands. The sourced items are blended in with classic ‘Australian Style’ furniture, lighting and homewares creating the perfect mix.