Mobilia is a family-owned Australian company that offers high-end furniture, lighting and design objects. Founded with an ingrained passion for design and craftsmanship, Mobilia curates and represents the world’s most iconic and innovative brands, design masters and pieces.

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Who is Mobilia?

Mobilia is a family-founded company that originated in Perth, Australia in 1969. Initially a furniture workshop, Mobilia gained recognition for their expert craftsmanship and unique design elements. Today, they curate and showcase the world's most renowned brands and designers, connecting people to a diverse and culturally significant world of design.

What are they known for?

Representing some of the most iconic designers and brands of our time.

Why do we love them?

With roots tracing back to a humble furniture workshop in Perth, Mobilia has since transformed into an unrivaled curator of iconic and innovative brands. Craftsmanship and attention to detail remain at the core, as they continue to connect individuals with extraordinary pieces that embody art, culture, and personal narratives. A never ending range of products we know and trust as well as a beautiful showroom.