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Interior Design Tips for Your Victorian/Federation Style Home in Ashburton

Interior Design Tips for Your Victorian/Federation Style Home in Ashburton

If you live in Ashburton, there’s a good chance that your home is one of many that pays homage to the stunning architecture of the Victorian and early Federation eras (mid-19th Century to early 20th Century).

Given the immense charm, character and grandeur that this style of architecture emanates, it’s no wonder why so many Ashburton homeowners choose to preserve this aesthetic to this day. But how do you ensure this endearing exterior house design continues through the front door and throughout your home’s living spaces?

If you’re looking to complement your home’s exposed woodwork, grand veranda, brick or roughcast chimney/fireplace, timber-framed windows and other distinctive late Victorian/Federation-era attributes with impeccable interior design, read on.

Do you live in a Federation-style home?

Here’s some typical tell-tale signs: 

  • Red-brick exterior
  • Covered veranda with brick or timber columns
  • Dominating roofline with intricate gables
  • Leadlight windows
  • Timber skirting boards with detailed designs
  • Pressed ceiling panels

If your Ashburton property comprises some (or all) of these components, take the following tips on-board to achieve a seamless interior design style that turns your house into a home.


Interior Design Tips for Your Victorian Style Home in Ashburton

Modernise the interiors by introducing more light

Federation-style homes are often dark and musty. To give these old houses a modern update, just add some light! You can choose between task versus aesthetic lights depending on your needs. However, when it comes down to revamping them completely, you should definitely consider installing more of both varieties. This ensures every room has its own unique feel without being too bright or harsh in any area.

Victorian or Federation-era homes tend to have quite high ceilings, which opens up plenty of possibilities when it comes to introducing light. Obviously big windows let in natural light, and pendant lighting can be hung from high ceilings without intruding on the space.


Create links between the indoors and outdoors

Generally speaking, while homes of this era often have beautiful manicured gardens and expansive verandas to enjoy, they don’t tend to have a lot of shared indoor-outdoor spaces. This is where outdoor furniture can make your exterior spaces more comfortable to spend lazy summer afternoons enjoying barbecues with the family, and incorporating glass sliding doors can also help to break down these barriers between “inside” and “outside”.


Interior Design Tips for Your Victorian Style Home in Ashburton

Consider a more practical layout for modern living

It goes without saying that the way our home lives are set up is different now to what it was over a century ago. And while the average Federation/Victorian-era home doesn’t lack grandeur, the layout of the home doesn’t necessarily make sense by today’s standards.

For example, single-storey homes from this time period usually have all the bedrooms right at the front of the property. Consider doing a rearrange of which rooms serve which purpose within the home – perhaps convert one of the front bedrooms to a home office, for instance. Bedrooms used to have a formal air about them in the late 19th/early 20th Century too, and this can be combatted with brighter colours and more casual furnishings for a modern touch.

Open-plan living wasn’t a thing back then, and it may be worth opening up your kitchen/dining/living areas for better flow throughout the house. These adjustments can do wonders for modernising your home and improving its functionality.


Interior Design Tips for Your Victorian Style Home in Ashburton

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