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Interior Design Tips for Your Brighton Home

Interior Design Tips for Your Brighton Home

What’s not to love about Brighton? The highly desirable suburb is within arm’s reach of all the amenities of Melbourne, while still managing to be just far enough removed to hold an air of peace and tranquillity.

With its tidy tree-lined streets lined with beautiful homes, welcome bayside breeze, an eclectic mix of cafes and restaurants; it’s no wonder why people love living within a short stroll of the iconic bright-coloured bathing boxes on the Brighton shoreline.

So how can you capture the essence of these beloved surrounds and emulate them inside your Brighton home? Here’s a few nifty interior design tips to get you on your way.


Go for breezy coastal colours

What do we mean by this? We mean, quite literally, beach colours – variations of whites, blues, greens, yellows. Think turquoise, egg-shell white and beige. For the most effective results, it’s best to alternate these colours throughout different rooms of the house. And finally, some small splashes of sunset orange and beach flower pink help to break things up a bit.


Interior Design Tips for Your Brighton Beach Holiday House

Which interior design patterns best inspire a modern beach house style?

As for patterns, opt for thick stripes and nautical designs. Some floral designs work well on upholstery, while a rustic burlap rug or net hanging on the wall can help to make the space feel cosier and more inviting.

Decorate your Brighton home with rustic furnishings

Beach house interior design tends to utilise simplistic furniture, so when selecting furnishings for your Brighton home, think clean-lined handmade wood, smooth edges, Windsor chairs, step-back cupboards, ladder-back chairs, trestle-style tables and so on. Wicker is another shoreline property-friendly material.

Interior Design Tips for Your Brighton Beach Holiday House

Nautical accessories – the more, the better!

Unleash your inner sailor, and go heavy on accessories like seashells, driftwood, starfish, anchors, helms, portholes and other nautical-themed items. Knick-knacks are welcome in holiday house interior design, so don’t be afraid to stock up on coffee table books and interesting artwork.


Utilise natural light as much as possible

Sheer window coverings are more in line with modern beach house interior design than, say, thick curtains. This will also do your houseplants a favour, of which you should definitely have a few scattered throughout the home to complement your furniture and décor. Woven baskets can be a nice plant-pot substitute in this scenario. A final tip for the lighting is to invest in some traditional lanterns – particularly copper or brass hanging lanterns.

Interior Design Tips for Your Brighton Beach Holiday House

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