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Scandinavian Interior Design: 7 Tips to Bring Scandi Style to Your Home

Scandinavian Interior Design: 7 Tips to Bring Scandi Style to Your Home

Scandinavian-style interior design is nothing new in Australia. In fact, it’s hugely popular here! And with its crisp, clean, inviting aesthetic that seamlessly combines comfort and function, what’s not to like?

The core concept behind Scandinavian décor is to improve the function of your home in simple but innovative ways. Every aspect of your interior design should contribute to giving your living spaces a minimalist look and luxurious feel.

Lots of space is essential – it creates accessibility, while emphasising the clean lines and simplistic furnishings that Scandinavian house design is renowned for. By throwing soft hues and unique blends of textures into the mix, you can achieve this warm and cozy Scandinavian interior design style for your home in Australia.

Here are 7 tips and tricks for creating a stunning Scandinavian-style interior for your home.


Tip #1 – Less is more

As you’ve no doubt already noticed for yourself, minimalism plays a major role in Scandi-style décor. Not only do minimalist furniture, fixtures and fittings keep the space looking neat and tidy; but less clutter helps to emphasise contrasts in colours, textures and materials.


Tip #2 – Take inspiration from nature

Traditionally, Scandinavians had to heavily rely on their natural surroundings for resources that could be used to build a home and make it comfortable. This is why Scandi décor tends to feature a lot of wood, house plants and materials like wool, burlap, sheepskin and so on.

The other key natural resource that factors heavily into Scandi design is sunlight. Try to incorporate big open windows and sunlights into your interior design plans if possible. Warm wooden furniture and imagery of natural objects on the walls also goes a long way.

Tip #3 – Use stark contrasts

Anyone who’s ever flicked through an IKEA catalogue is probably well aware that Scandinavians love to mix light and dark colour tones for dramatic visuals. However, the contrasts don’t need to end with colour.
All it takes is a fluffy sheepskin throw or faux fur rug to complement a muted grey clean-lined sofa, which can sometimes make a living room feel cold or uninviting on its own.
Small bursts of colour can also make a bold statement – vibrant artwork achieves a stark contrast against minimalist furnishings, enhancing the Scandinavian feel of your home interiors.
Side tip: If you’re planning on hanging artwork on the walls, try to do it in multiples – four images in a grid for example, or three in a horizontal row, etc.

Tip #4 – Modern furniture

Consider furnishing your home with modern furniture, where the aesthetic is informed by the practicality of materials used. Think tulip tables with blonde-wood accents, or swan chairs that incorporate cognac leather, for example.

Tip #5 – Get familiar with the term “hygge”!

You simply can’t discuss Scandinavian interior design without using the word hygge. It’s a Danish and Norwegian word that refers to a space’s “mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment”. (Thanks, Wikipedia – I couldn’t have put it better myself!)

There are numerous things you can do to bring hygge into your home. Candles, soft blankets and slippers by the fireplace are a nice touch. And speaking of fireplaces (if you have one), consider arranging your living area layout in such a way that the fireplace is the focal point of the room, with seating around it.


Tip #6 – Opt for muted colour tones

Subtler colour schemes like taupe, sage, ivory and desert sand are an excellent way to set the tone for your Scandinavian interior design before you’ve even started selecting furniture. Going back to our point about contrasts, these colours can easily be paired with dark/bright shades for your furnishings or black-and-white photography to enhance the Scandi aesthetic.


Tip #7 – Layer your bedding

Bedding is a major aspect of Scandinavian interior design. Thick wooly blankets and visually striking accent pillows create a sense of opulence and luxury that will have you itching to get into bed every night – especially in the colder winter months!

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