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Cottage Interior Design: 7 Ways to Give Victorian Country Charm to Your Home

Cottage Interior Design: 7 Ways to Give Victorian Country Charm to Your Home

We all crave the simple life from time to time. Whether it’s during a particularly stressful week at work or after just coming back from a rural getaway; country cottages inspire feelings of homeliness that no other style of décor can quite live up to.

But rather than uproot your life to the Australian countryside, you can bring this cozy and comfortable atmosphere into your home, with these seven amazing country-style interior design tips.

First though, let’s get our heads around what exactly the Australian cottage interior design style is. 


What is country-style interior design in Australia?

Also referred to as “Victorian cottage-style design” or “farmhouse-style interior design”, this type of décor centres around escaping modern-day trends and leaving the hustle and bustle of 21st Century life behind. Think scrubbed timber dining tables, quilted beds, feathery sofas and luxurious throw rugs.

You might be a young family eager to create a welcoming home environment, or perhaps you’d like to build the ultimate laid-back setting to enjoy your retirement years. Either way, there’s a few rules of thumb to follow when striving for cottage-style interior design.


Tip #1 – Decorate your home with natural fibres

Aside from the eco-friendly benefits of choosing natural fibres over artificial plastic materials, it will immediately bring a sense of warmth and coziness into your home. Rattan, wicker and cane baskets are always great for combining the practicality of extra storage with the inviting aesthetic of natural fibres.


Tip #2 – Opt for cast iron furniture

Not only does cast iron require far less maintenance than timber and other common furniture materials, but it provides an authentic provincial country cottage vibe that perfectly complements some of the other Victorian cottage renovation ideas in this list.

7 Ways to Give Victorian Country Charm to Your Home

Tip #3 – Create a “lived in” atmosphere with clashing prints and patterns

The Victorian cottage style design strays far away from Scandinavian décor and other popular interior design; with a diverse range of prints, patterns and styles giving the impression that this home has been decorated and redecorated over the years.

Country style design gives you the freedom to break the rules a little, by pairing floral and checkered patterns, for example.


Tip #4 – Install open shelving

Don’t hide your best saucers, pots, dishes and crockery – put it on display, even when it’s neatly stored away. Old-fashioned cottages never had doors on the cabinets and shelves, and it’s one of the most effective ways to bring the farmhouse vibe to your modern home.

Consider installing wall-mounted dish racks (preferably wooden for the aesthetic) or alternatively, you could opt for some quality antique furniture that keeps your crockery visible.

7 Ways to Give Victorian Country Charm to Your Home

Tip #5 – Flowers and herb gardens are a staple of any country-style home

This doesn’t have to mean a trip to the florist – in fact, the more “thrown together” the better. Pick some fresh flowers from the garden and place them in a rustic-style vase or jar (easy to find in Australia) for a quick and easy cottage style interior design hack. A windowsill herb garden is another sure-fire way to bring the countryside into your home.


Tip #6 – When in doubt, anything blue and white works!

When it comes to Victorian cottage renovation ideas, the blue and white colour scheme is synonymous with country-style interior design – especially in Australia. Any keen op-shopper is sure to find plenty of classic vintage blue-and-white china, quilts and other country-style items that will instantly enhance your home’s décor.


Tip #7 – Make sure the table is always set

And finally, the kitchen/dining area plays a huge role in country-style interior design. After all, it’s where the household gathers to share meals and spend time together. So who says the tableware should only come out when dinner is ready? By having good china on the dining table throughout the day, you encourage a homely environment where it always feels like something’s in the oven.

7 Ways to Give Victorian Country Charm to Your Home

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