Bastings House - A Testament to Distinctive Design: Crafting a Sale-ready Space with Local Flair and Timeless Appeal.

Completion: 2023
Category: Residential
Location: Northcote, Victoria
Photography: Dylan James

Featured on The Local Project: Cohesive Living – Bastings House

Our client sought our expertise to furnish their property slated for sale, envisioning a unique touch that transcends the sales phase. Aiming to invest in distinctive pieces adaptable to their future space, they desired a design imbued with personality, celebrating local artisans, and seamlessly aligned with the project's locale.

Inspired by the home’s modern architecture by Tecture, our design narrative aims to merge high-end contemporary aesthetics with eclectic touches. A celebration of Australian designers takes place in the open living area showcasing iconic designs by Grazia & Co, Made Studio, Armadillo and Jardan. Each selection is carefully curated to breathe life into the space, creating an inviting and uniquely styled ambience.

Hoping to create a playful second living area for the younger members of the family, flexible and child-friendly furnishings were chosen for the rumpus room to encourage play and a relaxed environment. The Navy in the N701 modular sofa adds practicality while complementing the purple and maroon in the Finarte rug.

In the master bedroom, tranquillity takes centre stage. A light and playful palette, coupled with muted and earthy tones in the bedding, blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. The result is a serene retreat.

"It has been an absolute joy working with the team at Furnishd on the furniture selection & decoration of our home. They turned the mammoth task of furnishing a whole house into a smooth and fun process. So many gorgeous pieces that I would have never come across myself (or been bold enough to select!). Mandy created a clear, cohesive and beautiful design vision and Connie and Fern coordinated the payment and delivery of the items efficiently with clear communication throughout. The whole process was well explained from the get go and is great value for money especially considering the time and stress it has saved me. Would not hesitate to use them again - thank you so much!"

Anna & Brent from Northcote, Victoria