Vero Table

The Vero Table is meticulously handcrafted. Made of two twin planks of solid wood, carved from the noble heart of the same trunk, they are perfectly matched by skilful hands. Each table is unique and unrepeatable.

The eco-design Arte Brotto Vero Table is a miracle of nature and design. It is the perfect mix of the best raw Walnut and the highest mastery in working it, enhancing its shapes and natural features. The 100 year old walnut is sourced from responsibly managed European forests.

The two planks of Walnut are connected only with crafts and screws (with no glue). Furthermore, the timber is aged naturally indoors. When the tree reaches the last season of its time and is ready to tell its stories in a different way, Arte Brotto gives it a new life and a new name: Vero.

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