Made Studio

Established in 2017 and run by Melbourne brothers Garrett and Alex Lark, Made Studio is an Australian manufacturer of handcrafted furniture for both residential and commercial environments.

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Who is Made Studio?

Established in 2017, Made Studio is a contemporary Australian furniture design studio and workshop owned and run by Melbourne brothers Garrett and Alex Lark.

What are they known for?

All works are handmade with love and care by a diverse team of skilled craftspeople and artisans headed by Australian furniture designer Garrett Lark. Made Studio’s iconic pieces, such as the Pebble, Kiri, Merton, Wilson, Wilson Relax and many others have been designed and created exclusively by Made Studio in Melbourne Australia since 2017.

Why do we love them?

We love Made Studio's strong focus on contemporary, timeless design crafted out of materials such as American oak, steel and organic linens. Their timber pieces can be stained or sprayed a colour creating further flexibility on the desired outcome.