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Seven Steps To Creating The Perfect Office Oasis At Home

Seven Steps To Creating The Perfect Office Oasis At Home
Ah, the humble home office. Once the neglected middle child of the home, thanks to 2020 it’s now enjoying more attention than your second viewing of Bridgerton. And if you’re still working from home in 2021, we’re pretty sure you’ll be craving a comfy work space even more than another glimpse of the Duke.
Our experts have given us the low-down on how to DIY one of your own that’ll you’ll actually look forward to working in, and that’ll look so good you’ll want to skip the bar and host Friday night drinks at your desk.
Seven Steps To Creating The Perfect Office Oasis At Home

Position, position, position (because things are taken more seriously when we say them in threes)

If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that home feels a lot smaller when you’re there all day every day, and that personal space is more precious than the last double-coated TimTam.

But even if you don’t have an obvious spot for your office, you can still claim a space to make your own.

Take a tour of your house with fresh eyes. Pretend you’re not there every (damn) day and try to see it as an objective stranger would.

Are there pieces of furniture that could be removed or rearranged to make way for a home office? Or is there a closet somewhere full of stuff that you no longer need?

Haul it all to the op-shop and use the empty space to create a cloffice.

Yep, name blending isn’t just for celebs, and a cloffice provides a space to work that can be conveniently hidden away.

A garage conversion is another option. It’ll add a whole extra room to your home, and can provide the quiet and privacy that a work space in the house often can’t (we’re looking at you, kids).

Wherever you decide to set it up, make your office look and feel separate to the rest of the house to give it the gravitas your work deserves.

Consider using a beautiful rug to provide a visible footprint for your office (and a comfy spot for your bare-feet), or use a privacy screen to physically separate your work space from the rest of the house.


Who’s got your back? (Literally)

Unless you enjoy regular trips to the chiro, you’ll want to invest a decent portion of your home-office budget on the all-important desk and chair.

When it comes to choosing a desk, go for one as big as you can fit, and as luxe as you can afford. Spend long periods of time at the workbench?

Consider a height adjustable desk to avoid the health issues associated with sitting for too long. You could go all out and get a sit-stand desk that switches easily between sitting and standing heights, or go for a bar-height work bench to stand at, and use a comfy bar stool for your seated work. 

If you don’t use your desk often, or if you don’t have loads of room, a fold-down desk is perfect for creating a workspace that can be folded away when it’s not being used.

Your office chair is the throne from which you command your career. Bit of a stretch? Maybe – but we’re not wrong in saying that chair choice is big when it comes to creating a work space that feels as good as it looks.

Look for supportive options in beautiful shapes and colours, upholstered in leather or velvet to luxe-up your space.

"Wherever you decide to set it up, make your office look and feel separate to the rest of the house to give it the gravitas your work deserves."


Get organised

A disorganised office is about as inspiring as non-alcoholic wine, so having a decent decluttering session is a key step to creating the perfect home office.

Mess is distracting, and it kills creativity. It breeds anxiety, overwhelm, and a general feeling of meh – with occasional bouts of blah. We’re not saying you need to go all Kondo and politely thank each item for its service before you bin it, but keeping only what you need and use regularly will set you up for a home-office win.

Look for storage options that suit the type of work you do, and that will keep everything you need at an easy-reaching distance – after all, that chair you’ve chosen will be too comfy to want to get up from every time you need a Post-It.

Storage furniture and accessories are also a great way to introduce some colour and personality into your workspace.

Choose functional, good-looking items to create a space that looks and feels like you.

At the end of every work day, get everything back in its place so you have a calm, organised, blah-free space waiting for you in the morning.


Get the light right

Lighting can make or break a workspace (not to mention your look on a Zoom call) so, if possible, set your home office up somewhere with plenty of natural light.

Not only is it easier on your eyes than artificial light, it also ups your mood, productivity, creativity, and energy.

If your space needs a little extra help in the lighting department, set yourself up with cool, adjustable overhead lights and a stylish desk lamp.

Seven Steps To Creating The Perfect Office Oasis At Home

Colour me happy

If a design element could win employee of the month, colour would be taking the meat tray home twelve times a year.

It works harder than spray tan during Spring Carnival, and has the power to impact our productivity, emotions and behaviours.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room for your home office, consider painting the walls in a shade that’ll keep you focused and in the zone.

If your work space is part of another room, choose coloured accessories to create a space that feels inviting, inspiring, and you.


Inject some life into your home office, literally

Popping a plant or two into your home office is a no-brainer – these leafy-little work-mates tick a lot of boxes.

They’re proven to purify the air, instil a sense of calm, keep us healthier, and they provide pops of colour to add interest and atmosphere to your space.

Go for low-maintenance varieties if you’re not green of thumb, and choose pots that complement the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

If you’re a serial plant-killer, think about a beautiful vase to decorate your space, and treat yourself to fresh flowers every now and again.


Need help?

If you don’t have the time to source everything you’ll need for your home office, FURNISHD. can help!

Get in touch with our team of designers to see what we can do for you.

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