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How You Can Create A Beautiful Designer Home In Just Three Easy Steps, With FURNISHD.

How You Can Create A Beautiful Designer Home In Just Three Easy Steps, With FURNISHD.

You’re putting yourself out there, your heart on your sleeve, searching for that perfect someone to turn your home into the haven you deserve.

But what you really want is a home you can love long-term, not a long-term relationship with an interior designer. You don’t have time for that.

Well, you’re in luck, because we think FURNISHD. might just be your perfect match.

Let us introduce ourselves (before we ask you out).

Hi, we’re FURNISHD. We like long walks on the beach, and designing amazing interiors.

FURNISHD. is an online interior design team based in Melbourne.  

We can turn your home from meh to magnificent without taking up loads of your time, or even having to meet with you in person.

And we do it for an affordable, absolutely-no-surprises price. You’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, right? But we can assure you that a rendezvous with FURNISHD. is every bit as good as it sounds.

Unlike that online date in 2006 (that shall never be spoken of again), FURNISHD. is an online relationship you can enter into with absolute confidence.

So, what sort of person is FURNISHD. hoping to meet?

Well gee, thanks for asking! We think we’d be best matched with you if:

  • you’re moving into a new home and don’t want to take your furniture with you
  • you’ve bought a new home and you’d love to have it FURNISHD. beautifully before you move in
  • you recently moved into a new home but your old furniture just doesn’t suit
  • you’re renovating your home and want expertly designed furnishing to complement the shiny new spaces
  • you’ve rented a new home and don’t have time to furnish it before you move in
  • you want to increase the yield on your long or short-term rental property by having it beautifully FURNISHD.
  • You’d like to transform your current home with all new furnishings

So, if you tick any of those boxes, let us take you through the FURNISHD. process to see if you think we’ll make a good match.

Step One: Well, hi there! Let us show you our packages.

You find us online and you think we’re pretty great. You read all about how we’re an online interior design service run with a team of experienced, creative and attentive designers.

You find out that we have fixed price packages so that there won’t be any nasty surprises and see that for an affordable price, you can choose to have one room of your home FURNISHD., or the whole place!

You’ll receive a suggested layout of your rooms, an item list with recommended sizes where applicable, and budget allocations to suit your needs to your brief or even before you purchase any products!

You then discover that once your designer has created a room that you’re drooling over, you’ll be sent a shopping list of all the items in the images, which have been sourced at competitive (and price-matched) prices from hundreds of premium suppliers that we’ve carefully hand-picked.

It’s so simple! So easy! So beautiful! You start feeling that familiar fizz in your tummy, and you know you’re about to make a commitment.

You choose the package that suits you the best, and a beautiful relationship begins. 


Step Two: Tell us what you want.

You pay for the package you’ve chosen via our website, and we’ll email you straight away with a note to let you know we’ve received your order, and that we can’t wait to work with you.

You answer a few questions that’ll take 10 minutes tops which gives us an introduction to you and what you’re after, and how we can help.

Now that we’re past that awkward will-we-won’t-we stage, we can really start getting to know each other.

We find your Style ID, which helps us understand exactly what look you’ll love.

We ask you for the dimensions, and some photos, of your space, and ask what you’re hoping for from partnering with FURNISHD.

But don’t worry! If you also want to talk to your designer on the phone or video chat before the design process gets underway, you absolutely can – we love a chat!

Step Three – Three dimensions of love

Now that we have all our cards on the table, your designer gets to work on a design folio that includes a room layout and design board showing the recommended furniture and styling pieces to create the look you want.

When it’s done, you receive an invitation to check it out online.

You tell us what you love about it, and if there’s anything we’ve suggested that doesn’t knock your socks off, you tell us that too.

You want to chat about it? Yes!

Let’s catch up on the phone or video chat to discuss our progress. Rather keep it all online? We’re good with that too. This relationship is all about you.

You approve the Design Folio. You love the look of the pieces chosen by your designer, but sheesh – you don’t have a crystal ball.

How can you be expected to buy all that stuff before you know how it’s going to look once it actually comes home with you?

Your Interior Designer will send you a suggested layout of your rooms, an item list with recommended sizes where applicable, and budget allocations to suit your needs. We’ll also provide a design aesthetic so you can learn more about your style!

It’s better than you could possibly have imagined.

There, on the screen, is the home of your dreams. No more hedging of bets. No more settling. Just you, and the space you deserve.

We send you a shopping list of the pieces your designer selected for you, and you choose the ones you’d like to purchase.

‘This is so easy!’ you think to yourself, as you read an email from FURNISHD. asking you to select a delivery window that suits you.

Then, on the day you’ve selected, your new home will come to life as your haul is delivered.

You refer to the FURNISHD. Plan to help you arrange the furniture and accessories perfectly.

You pour yourself a glass of wine, curl up on your hot new couch, and reflect on the time we spent together.

It was short, but so sweet.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll do it again one day.

We sure hope so.

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