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Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Our FURNISHD. design team has given us the lowdown on five home styling trends that are coming in hot for 2021.

They’re easily achievable, easy to live in, and will have you turning down invitations, feigning the flu, and praying for rain – anything to let you stay home and fawn over the newfound beauty of your own four walls.

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Image courtesy of @anthology_creative_studio


Warmed up refinement with Neutral Luxe

A neutral luxe room is a deep breath, a moment of quiet, and an invitation to relax.

This design trend is all about creating spaces that are effortlessly sophisticated, calming, and refined. They’re cosy and plush, at the same time as being sophisticated and minimal. 

The Neutral Luxe look is crafted from, you guessed it, a neutral colour palette. Pale grey and the full spectrum of beige and brown tones are welcome here, accented by white and pops of black.

If other colours are included, they need to be dirty enough that they blend into the brown scheme so seamlessly that they’re barely noticeable. 

Stone is a major player in creating the Neutral Luxe look, so look for accessories or side tables made from marble, offset by soft luxurious rugs and interestingly shaped furniture upholstered in textural fabrics like boucle or velvet.

The balancing act here is to use tonnes of detail, without being chintzy or OTT. 

Include candelabras, ornaments in sculptural shapes, and detailed vases to inject detail.

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Image courtesy of @hoskelsa


A natural evolution with Earthy Organic

An Earthy Organic room is bare feet on the warm earth, a connection to nature, and a break from conformity.

This trend is all about ease and relaxation, with no hard and fast rules binding its creation. The look is highly layered and textural, and Earthy Organic spaces are comfortable, relaxed, and warm. 

If you’ve been a fan of the boho look, Earthy Organic could be your next big thing.

It moves away from white as a base, and instead is warmed by toasty earthy tones of beige, brown, apricot, orange and rustic red, with accents of cool greens.

White is still in the mix to create a sense of calm, but it’s not the star player anymore. 

Grab a roller, throw on that horrendous t-shirt of your hubby’s (because you definitely won’t mind if it ‘accidently’ gets covered in paint), and tint your walls in an earthy hue to create a perfect base for this look.

Choose hero furniture and accessories in organic shapes to really nail this vibe – curved lines and irregular shapes create movement and flow, and foster a connection to nature.

Materials like rattan and wicker work well, as well as natural fabrics and handmade textiles like woven wall hangings and knitted throw blankets.

Stay away from anything with a shiny finish, and forget about minimalism – layer up your soft furnishings and accessories to create a space that really reflects you and your story.

And get crafty!

Earthy Organic is a style that celebrates handmade, and rejects perfection.

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Image courtesy of @studiomcgee


Laidback luxury with Cali-cool

A Cali-Cool room is the ocean breeze on your face, indulging in happy memories, and embracing the old alongside the new.

Interiors superstars like Studio McGee have been championing Cali-Cool for a while now, and while the down-under design scene is just catching on to this beautiful trend, we predict it’s about to explode in Australian homes.

It’s all about curating sustainable, relaxed, interesting spaces that exude a sense of freedom, wanderlust and laidback luxury.

It celebrates quirks, and showcases who you are and where you’ve been by displaying your keepsakes and treasures.

And it’s an easy look to achieve, as it blends four existing style trends; scandi, boho, mid-century and coastal – meaning you may well already have pieces in your home to get you started on a Cali-cool transformation.

Created with great expanses of white as the base, contrasted with black and lots of tan and timber, the look is clean and crisp, but also very comfortable and eclectic. 

Little hints of dark blue and deep green can feature, and grey is also a welcome guest.

Bold patterns adorn rugs, cushions and tiles, and pops of green come courtesy of indoor plants.

Mix pre-loved and vintage furniture with new pieces, rather than shopping the whole room from one place – this look is definitely not a job for a delivery truck full of flat-pack.

Cali-cool tells your story, and is an aesthetic that comes together over time as treasures are found to incorporate.

Mid-century inclusions are important to really nail this look, so search for light fittings to satisfy this element of the design, and to provide another layer of interest. 

Natural materials like leather, timber, ceramics, wool, linen and velvet combine to tie it all together.

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Image courtesy of @hardiegrantbooks


More is more with Maximalism

A Maximalist room is pure self-expression, an explosion of colour, and a celebration of excess.

In a direct rebuttal of the minimalist styling trends that have become popular, maximalism is busy, bright and eclectic.

Pieces of different colours, patterns, textures, eras, shapes and cultures are thoughtfully curated and layered, surrounding you with the things you love.

This design style is bold and highly personalised, and there’s no room to be timid.

But even though maximalism favours excess, it’s not about overcrowding or hoarding – you have to know when to stop so that your maximalist space doesn’t become chaotic and overwhelming.

When it comes to colours, this is one design style that enthusiastically extends its middle digit to the rules, and lets you party like it’s 1999.

Go bold, go rich, go bright – just go with whatever makes you happy.

Mix different patterns in similar tones to create cohesion, and balance colours by pairing deep, rich hues with acid brights.

Graphic wallpapers and bold tiles are a great place to start, and instantly set the scene for a maximalist room makeover.

Fabrics and textures are another opportunity to create contrast, so include velvet, chintz and silk.

Adorn the walls with a mixture of original art, wall décor and prints to create a curated look.

Maximalism lets you be creative with your wall art, so hang that gorgeous kimono you brought back from Japan, or frame a piece of the sari you treasure from your trip to India.

Maximalism allows you to unapologetically make the room all about you, where you’ve been, what you love and what you dream about.

"Maximalism allows you to unapologetically make the room all about you, where you’ve been, what you love and what you dream about." 

Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Image courtesy of @dabito


Getting away from it all with Distant Shores

A Distant Shores room is a tropical getaway, a warm ocean breeze, and a chance to escape the grind without leaving your home.

The Distant Shores styling trend is about creating a holiday vibe at home, and draws inspiration from the quintessential beach holiday destination – Hawaii.

We predict that during this time of Covid19, escapist home decorating styles like this will become more and more popular as our feelings of ‘get-me-the-hell-out-of-here’ increase, without the normal opportunities to actually get the hell out of anywhere.

Distant Shores interiors promote relaxation and a slower pace of living, celebrate the natural elements of the tropics, and give us a taste of the island-hopping we are so sorely missing.

Striking prints and vibrant, lush colours are used to create this look, with botanical motifs having their moment in the sun – pun intended!

Think tropical prints of foliage, combined with bright florals, pared back with wooden and rattan furnishings to create a laid-back staycation vibe at home.

Display paintings and prints of holiday-inspired scenes and colours, and load up on lush indoor plants.

This style also gives you the chance to proudly display pieces you’ve brought back from your past holidays as key décor items. 

If you’ve found a style here that you’re loving, FURNISHD. can help you transform your home with our super-simple, no-fuss design and delivery process.

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