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How To Turn Your House Into A Perfect Hamptons Hideaway

How To Turn Your House Into A Perfect Hamptons Hideaway


Which exclusive beach paradise is 17,000 kilometres away, home to Beyonce and Deniro, crawling with cashed-up New Yorkers, and the birthplace of one of our very favourite home styling trends?

You guessed it, we’re going to the Hamptons baby!

The homes in the Hamptons have inspired one of the most popular style trends in Australian homes in 2021.

Their coastal-luxe style suits us to a tee, and we here at FURNISHED. are here for it.

The beach-house inspired design trend suits almost any home, and is classic, refined, and sophisticated, while also being relaxed, easy-breezy, and oh-so-comfortable. 

You’ll want to kick off your shoes, fill a glass, and slip into a white linen ensemble that would make posh Aunt Marg proud, the second you swan through the front door. 

So, how can you bring the Hamptons to your place? 

We asked our FURNISHD. experts to spill all their inside knowledge on how to create a Hamptons-style home anywhere, that will have any wealthy New Yorker raising their Manhatten (or should that be a Long Island Iced Tea?) in appreciation.

Turn Your House Into A Perfect Hamptons Hideaway

Image courtesy of @StudioMcGee


A bit of colour is all-white

Any New Hamptons style interior design makeover needs to start with white walls and trims. White feels peaceful, clean and spacious, and it’s the hero shade of Hamptons styling.

Of course, there’s white and there’s white (and about a hundred shades in between) and choosing one can be more challenging than making it the whole way through a school concert without losing your will to live.

To make it easy, cooler whites are best for the Hamptons style, and we think Dulux’s White on White is a good choice.

Hamptons style traditionally uses bold blue to complement the white walls, with nautical décor and timber accents. 

New Hamptons style décor offers a fresh new palette of washy-whites and chilled-out beachy colours like coral and the full spectrum of blues and neutrals, which work beautifully in Australian homes.

Hints of black and weathered metallics add depth when teamed up with natural shades and textures, and bring the traditional Hamptons style up to date.

Turn Your House Into A Perfect Hamptons Hideaway
Image courtesy of @livingstoninteriors

Size counts in the Hamptons (especially when it comes to the couch)

One of the most delicious things about Hamptons styling is that the furniture is chosen for comfort, and to bring people together.

Dining tables are big enough for dinner parties, shaker-style kitchens are set up for gathering in, and living room furniture is arranged for people to chat. 

In the lounge, we’re talking oversized and over-stuffed couches in white, soft grey or beige, that you can sink into and be cocooned by.

The couch is the anchor of the living room, and the bigger and comfier it is the more on-trend it’ll be – just make sure the covers are washable in case you get a bit too relaxed with that red wine in hand.

If you have the space, throw in a chunky ottoman, and some deep armchairs to melt into at the end of the day. 

Solid, well-made furniture pieces in natural materials like wood, stone, linen and marble are key to nailing the Hamptons style, while rattan pieces warm up the cool colour palette and add texture and a beachy, laid-back feel.

Side tables in aged brass or black to flank that huge couch are perfect for adding contrast and resting your wine glass (preferably before you stain the couch), while coffee tables in weathered wood finishes beg you to put your (metaphorically sandy) feet up. 

In the bedroom, go for an upholstered or wicker headboard, with crisp, fluffy white linen, fat-cat throw cushions, and statement side tables.

In the dining-room choose a generously sized table with cushioned, bum-loving dining chairs.

"One of the most delicious things about Hamptons styling is that the furniture is chosen for comfort, and to bring people together."


Set the mood with the right lights

Lighting really matters when it comes to finishing off the Hamptons look in your home, and creating the relaxed, chic ambience that the style is all about.

Pendant lighting is where it’s at, especially over kitchen benches and dining tables.

Rattan pendants give a natural, warm, casual vibe, while pendants in copper or black will add depth and a touch of formality to Hamptons spaces.

Wall sconces also scream Hamptons and look great in bedrooms and hallways, while floor and table lamps with linen shades offer a cosy muted light.

Turn Your House Into A Perfect Hamptons HideawayImage courtesy of @LucyCall

The finishing touches

Once you’ve laid the foundation with white walls and chunky furniture, you can really bring the Hamptons to life in your home with clever use of styling accessories to introduce colour, texture, and extra beachy vibes.

Rugs in jute or wool, big woven baskets for storage, and ornate mirrors will all elevate the Hamptons feel in your home, and potted indoor plants are a must – the bigger the better!

Tart up that big juicy couch with plump cushions in varied patterns (think stripes, geometrics and florals) and add throw blankets in dreamy textures to give a feel of ultimate comfort.

When choosing art and décor, include some beachy items like coral-inspired sculpture or found seashells, but balance them with sophisticated ceramics and mirrored trays. 

When it comes to the windows, go for simple white plantation shutters, or ceiling-to-floor curtains in white, soft grey or beige. 

Even though a Hamptons style interior design makeover doesn’t need to cost your kids their inheritance, your goal is to create an air of opulent nonchalance.

In other words, you want the space to look expensive and cohesive, but also like it required no effort to throw together.  

Sold? Thought you might be! If you’d like some extra help, the FURNISHD. team are here and ready to Hamptons your place right up!

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