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Interior Design Ideas for Your Malvern Residence

Interior Design Ideas for Your Malvern Residence
Developed in the 1880s, the leafy suburb of Malvern is reminiscent of a prestigious housing estate in the centre of Melbourne. Living in this area, there’s every chance that your house is of an Edwardian or Victorian style.
As such, it’s crucial to devise an interior scheme that balances well with both traditional and modern aesthetics, for classic comfort and contemporary luxury. So how best to complement your home’s ornate exterior carvings, lavish porch/veranda, lush garden area, multi-panel windows, timber framings and pebbledash surfaces with thoughtful Malvern interior design?
Interior Design Ideas for Your Malvern Residence

Let’s talk colour schemes

Start with a clear idea of colour. When it comes to Edwardian-style homes, you want to go for crisp whites and muted greys across the floors, ceilings and walls. Your furniture will be the source of bolder colours, so it’s best to keep the canvas clean.

Utilise light as much as possible

For all the beauty of Edwardian-style homes, the designers of the late 19th Century clearly weren’t putting much consideration into natural light, and how it could be brought into the home. Therefore, it’s down to you to combat dark corners and musty nooks and crannies by investing in lots of floor lamps, sky-lights where possible, and other sources of light throughout the house.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Malvern Residence

Blending the old with the new

It’s okay to combine elements from different interior design styles, so long as there’s method to the madness! You can still invest in a sleek concrete dining table for your traditional-style dining room, for example, and equip it with antique dining chairs for contrast. And just because your window frames/panels are decorated in an Edwardian style doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish modern curtains.

Considering patterns and textures in your Malvern home’s luxury interior design

The best way to accentuate your home’s Edwardian features is to embrace straight lines and symmetry, which is synonymous with homes constructed in this time period. It achieves an effortlessly clean and classic aesthetic throughout your home interior, and strategic use of materials like marble and wood will only help to enhance this ambiance.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Malvern Residence

Time to start furniture shopping

At FURNISHD., we recommend opting for bulky furniture in your Edwardian-style Malvern home (without sacrificing too much space though – Edwardian interior design is all about spaciousness!). Think oversized couches, tall wooden cabinetry and floor lamps that reach for the ceiling.
For décor items, get creative with vibrant colour choices for cushions and throws, lush green house plants and some visually striking wall art.
One of the many benefits to using FURNISHD. when styling your Malvern home is that our online interior design platform clearly shows you what the finished product is going to look like. One of our experienced interior designers will work closely alongside you to nail all the details, to ensure you’re 100% over the moon with your Malvern home’s interior design arrangement before committing to any purchases/delivery to your door!
Rest assured, we’ll help you bring your vision to life in a way that makes innovative use of space and expresses the best features of your home. We’ve helped countless Melbourne residents transform their houses into homes, whether it’s with an industrial interior design style, bohemianScandinavian, Modern, French Provincial or otherwise.

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