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Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

Good interior design is subjective, of course, but it’s hard to argue that any interior design style is more enticing, comfortable and sought-after than classic luxury interior design. It’s grand. It’s opulent. It inspires impressions of The Great Gatsby and high society.

And yet, in order to pull it off properly, it requires remarkable attention to detail. From precise symmetrical arrangements and very specific choices of materials; many come close to achieving the timeless classic interior design style, but fall short in one or several key areas.

So how do you ensure you create an interior space that embraces the European classical luxury design style in just the right way? Here’s a breakdown of some of the more subtle aspects of traditional interior design that often get overlooked.


#1 – Arrangement

When it comes to modern classic interior design, symmetry and harmony is key! It constructs a balanced space for your living areas, and this will make it look tidier, smarter, and therefore more soothing.

Whatever the room’s focal point is –  be it the fireplace, the centre piece of the dining table, or otherwise – start from there and build out. Whatever is placed to the left should be matched on the right. Vertical symmetry can also be achieved with the help of tall lamps or high-hanging artwork, for example.

You’ll find that this carefully curated symmetry perfectly reflects the classic style.

Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

#2 – Materials

As you’re no doubt already aware, a bit of investment is required to get that classic luxury interior design look for your home in Australia. This is mostly because of the rich and noble materials that classic interior design comprises.

Oak, mahogany, cherry, beech, ceramic, bronze, marble… these are all part and parcel with that timeless interior design style. However, the payoff is huge in aesthetic and feel. Wherever these materials are utilised inside the home, they immediately instil a sense of warmth and elegance that no other décor style rivals. 

Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

#3 – Colour Scheme

While the materials are a dominating factor in creating a modern classic interior design for your home, the colour scheme compliments these materials. Light and neutral colour tones like cream and beige will show marble and quality wood components in their best light.

Ironically, the ancient Roman and Greek mansions that European classical interior design originally stems from were not as white as they’re often portrayed in pop culture. However, they did have a lot of light colours, and not a lot of contrast – why detract from the serenity? In regards to colour, classic interior design is easy to get right.


#4 – Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in creating the welcoming atmosphere that timeless classic interior design is best known for (again, think “Great Gatsby!”). Place floor lamps in strategic places to light up every corner of the room, or use indirect lighting to achieve the same effect.

Crystal is also an innovative way to take care of lighting and décor at the same time, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on oversized crystal chandeliers and other furnishings. A few crystal accessories should do the trick, and of course mirrors are always useful for assisting with both space and light.

Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

#5 – Furniture & Accessories

Okay, now to finally talk about the furniture! This is where you really get to have some fun with choosing beds that have extravagant headboards, lavish couches with oversized cushions, sleek dining tables, ornate clocks, intricate vases, garden fountains… the list goes on and on.

When it comes to classic luxury interior design, every item of furniture should be its own conversation piece, while still remaining within the parameters we covered above – that’s colour scheme, symmetry, materials and lighting.

At FURNISHD., our personal furnishing experts can help you decide on the perfect furniture to create your ideal modern classic interior design space at home.

The same goes for Scandinavianbohemianindustrial or cottage-style interior design styles!

Classic Interior Design Tips for Your Home in Australia

One final takeaway – the devil is in the detail

Classic interior design relies heavily on the age-old mantra that less is more. Stick to “simple” when it comes to lines, accessories and decorations. The smaller details will make a far greater impact – minimalistic artwork, geometric-patterned throw pillows, unique candle holders or a homemade pottery vase, for instance.


Australian classic interior design is easy, with FURNISHD.

Ready to achieve the timeless traditional interior design style for your home? Sign up to FURNISHD. today, or get in touch for more information and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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