Northcote House II - A Thoughtfully Curated Home that Seamlessly Blends Functionality and Warmth.

Completion: 2023
Category: Residential
Location: Northcote, VIC
Photography: Dylan James

Shevaun & Nick approached us with a vision to transform their Northcote family home, focusing on furnishings and cosmetic changes rather than a full-scale renovation. With a baby on the way and their beloved pup, Louis, they desired a functional yet beautiful space that could adapt and grow with their family.

A big focus for this couple and their designer Mandy was tackling the layout in the living room. With three entry points, windows, a fireplace and acting as a thoroughfare, this room required a considered solution to allow for ease of use while entertaining. By incorporating the flexible and baby-friendly modular Lemmy sofa from Jardan, the seating arrangement can easily be adjusted to suit the client's ever-changing needs.

The customised shelving unit is designed to cradle the couple's existing TV, allowing for added storage all while drawing the eye upwards and showcasing the high ceilings. This is complemented further by the Anna Charlesworth 4-Bowl pendant giving a modern take on the home's period style.

Taking inspiration from the renowned Athena Calderone, Shevaun desired earthy tones and textures to infuse warmth into the home. In the kitchen, we incorporated brass and sage accents, providing a subtle and inviting injection of colour that harmonised with the living room.

As is the case for many Victorians, Shevaun often works from home and needed a comfortable home office. Positioned to the front of the home and with generous windows overlooking their quiet tree-lined street, we placed the desk facing outwards and encourage a peaceful working environment. Adding a touch of surprise and intrigue, we introduced a pop of pink through the Andy Harwood artwork, creating a captivating contrast with the earthy elements in the space.

The result is a thoughtfully curated home that seamlessly blends functionality and the warm inviting atmosphere they desired. It has been a privilege to work with Shevaun and Nick, and we are excited to see how this transformed space supports and enhances their daily lives for years to come.

“Thank you so much for delivering such a thoughtful and beautiful design for our home.”

Shevaun & Nick from Northcote, VIC