Chapel House - A Testament to the Seamless Integration of Personal Style with Architectural Heritage.

Completion: 2023
Category: Residential
Location: Paddington, NSW
Photography: Alicia Taylor
Shortlisted: Australian Interior Design Awards 2024
Featured on CO-architecture: Chapel House by FURNISHD.

Nestled in the scenic, tree-lined streets of Paddington, Chapel House is a testament to the seamless integration of personal style with architectural heritage. The residence boasts a vibrant palette that artfully contrasts with gothic archways and design elements salvaged from a restored, burnt-down church of the 19th century.

Our clients, a professional couple embarking on furnishing their first home, sought to infuse their eclectic taste while incorporating a clean mid-century flair.

A key focus for our clients and their designer, Mandy, was the rejuvenation of the living space. The existing vivid blues and pinks, not resonating with the client's taste, gave way to more subdued tones of sage. The 'pea chair,' a bespoke creation from LLH studio, tailored in an unexpected wine fabric, acts as a focal point, anchoring the refined colour palette while seamlessly harmonising with the vintage walnut sideboard.

At the heart of the project was a dedicated emphasis on entertainment spaces. Both the indoor and outdoor dining areas were thoughtfully curated to mirror the couple's affinity for hosting gatherings. The indoor dining space artfully combines mid-century modern and vintage elements, while the outdoor patio provides a lush, inviting setting with comfortable seating and ambient lighting.

The design ethos prioritised clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, allowing the inherent charm of the home to take centre stage against a playful and bright backdrop. The fusion of old and new was achieved with precision, creating a dynamic and personalised ambience.

Chapel House now stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between the homeowners' unique style and the rich architectural history of the structure. The result is a home that seamlessly balances sophistication with playfulness, providing a distinctive haven tailored to the lifestyle and preferences of our clients.

"Mandy and the Furnishd team were amazing! We are based outside of Melbourne and the team did an excellent job in finding the right pieces to fit into our house, without even actually stepping foot. They did an amazing job re working with our budget and did not hesitate to action our feedback. They helped us with lighting, paint and also artwork and I would definitely recommend them!"

Cathy & Nathan from Paddington, NSW