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How To Maximise Your Floor Space – Top Tips For Small Space Living

How To Maximise Your Floor Space – Top Tips For Small Space Living

No matter how small your house is, maximising the space you have is key to making the very most of your home.

A sense of spaciousness not only makes our interiors more functional, it can also make them feel airier and more relaxing.

So, if your walls feel like they’re closing in on you, it’s time to take a look at how you can make some simple changes to get them off your back.

We asked FURNISHD.’s design team for their top tips on squeezing every last drop of space out of your place, so you can live large no matter how much room you have.


How to maximise space in the dining room

If your dining area is compact but you like to throw dinner parties or have a big family, an extendable table is perfect.

Keep it small during the day to keep your space open and airy, and when feeding time at the zoo rolls around, extend it out to make sure everyone has room to sit.

If space is super tight, bench-style seating that can be tucked under the table when not in use reduces clutter and frees up floor space.

And consider investing in quality folding dining chairs that store easily and can be brought out when you have extra dinner guests, rather than having extra chairs taking up space all the time.

Another space saving tip? 

A round dining table will generally take up less space than a squared off one, and the absence of belly-poking corners mean more people can squash in.

If you really want to up the ante, grab yourself a rounded extendable table.


How to fit a home office in (when there’s just no room for one)

If you work from home but have no space for a desk, a folding wall desk could be the answer you’re looking for.

Flip it down when it’s time to knuckle down, and flip it back up flush against the wall when you’re done.

But where will all the office-y bits and pieces go when it’s flipped up you ask?


Install wall organisers with baskets, caddies, shelves and pinboards to get your stationary and work paraphernalia off your desk and within easy reach.

If you have a double story house, convert the space under the stairs into a functional space – home offices work really well in these little nooks!

“A sense of spaciousness not only makes our interiors more functional, it can also make them feel airier and more relaxing.” 

Go vertical

In spaces where floor space is in shorter supply than toilet paper during lockdown, look up – because vertical space is about to become your best friend.

Floor to ceiling shelves not only give you tonnes of storage, but they also make the ceiling seem higher, and therefore give a sense of more overall space.

And when they’re dressed well, shelves can become stylish focal points that not only serve a practical purpose, but also display art, travel trinkets, plants and photos to personalise your space and show off your special things.

Customised shelving can even take advantage of the space above doorways, giving you even more space.

If you have plants brightening up your home, consider hanging some of them in baskets from the ceiling – that way you can still have your green mates brightening the place up, cleaning the air and increasing the happy vibes, without them taking up valuable floor space.

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The team at FURNISHD. are experts at making small spaces feel bigger – let us help you find some extra elbow room!

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