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Furniture Selection Tips for Glen Iris’s Edwardian Style Homes

Furniture Selection Tips for Glen Iris’s Edwardian Style Homes

Are you looking to bless your Edwardian-style home with the bold and luxurious interior design arrangement that it deserves? If you live in Glen Iris, there’s a good chance your home boasts the Edwardian architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Strongly influenced by the heavy arts and crafts movement of the time, houses built during this era tend to feature lots of ornate exterior carvings and decorations to adorn the porches, verandas, large gardens, multi-panel windows, timber framings, pebbledash surfaces and hanging tiles that are synonymous with Edwardian homes.

If you’re lucky enough to have the Edwardian theme continue into the home’s interior, then you’ve already got fireplaces, staircases, elaborate tilework and (best of all!) spacious rooms and high ceilings to work with.

Now all you need is the right furniture, which is something FURNISHD. can help with. Here are some quick interior design tips for your Edwardian-style home in Glen Iris, directly from our own team of expert interior designers.


Colour schemes for your Edwardian-style house

First thing’s first – strip those colour schemes right back to basics. Think crisp whites and muted shades of greyscale for the walls, floors and ceilings – the bolder colours will come from the furniture itself. However, if this just isn’t you and the very thought of painting your interiors this colour is making you cringe, then consider subtle shades of olive, indigo or pale blue for a slightly more powerful aesthetic.

Let there be light

the space. Given the traditional nature of Edwardian aesthetics, too many dark corners leave the space feeling musty and outdated. The more light, the better.


Blend the old with the new

Don’t be afraid to pair traditional and modern elements throughout your Edwardian home. For instance, you might still want a sleek and sophisticated concrete benchtop for the kitchen island, but with Edwardian-era leather barstools for contrast. Or contemporary curtains framed with an antique floor lamp, for example.

How to approach patterns and textures

Straight lines and symmetry are prerequisites for Edwardian style homes in Australia. This upholds a clean look and feel throughout the home, while patterns should be used in moderation to enhance the classic elegance of the Edwardian era interior design. Let those Edwardian features shine.

Marble and wood are two textures that can do wonders for effortlessly bringing your Glen Iris home’s Edwardian exterior inside. When browsing for furniture, keep these two materials in mind.

And speaking of maintaining a “clean” look and feel throughout the home, spaciousness plays a prominent role in the Edwardian theme. When selecting furniture and décor items for your Edwardian style home in Australia, it’s important to allow lots of room for empty – or negative – space.

Styling your home with Edwardian era furniture

At FURNISHD., we recommend starting with the light fittings. In Edwardian homes, the light fittings should be a key feature of any room. Think chandeliers (don’t worry, they don’t have to be too elaborate to serve their purpose!) and steel-framed pendant lighting.

Edwardian era furniture should be bulky – large plush couches, oversized wooden cabinets and tall looming floor lamps will be right at home amongst the design elements mentioned in the previous points.

If you find that after furnishing the space it looks a little too full or monochrome, now is your chance to throw in some colourful finishing touches like vibrant cushions, lush green house plants and some wall art.

One of the many advantages of using FURNISHD. to style your Glen Iris home is that our online interior design platform allows you to see what the finished product looks like. You one on one you’re your Interior Designer to get the details just right before committing to purchasing any furniture items, so that you’re 100% ecstatic with your Edwardian era interior design before having everything delivered to your door!

Of course, the fact that you gain direct access to our passionate team of expert interior designers doesn’t hurt either – together, we’ll help you bring your Edwardian furnishing fantasies to life! We are well-versed in a vast array of interior design styles, from Edwardian-style houses to industrial, bohemian, Scandinavian, Modern, French Provincial and more.


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