Finding a Flexible Interior Design Package with No Room Limitation & No Hidden Cost

Interested in give your home interior a complete décor overhaul to better reflect your personality and redefine your style? Maybe you’re looking to enhance the space by making it more functional, with an innovative approach to layout and product selection.

Whatever your motivations are, the excitement of an interior design project is often followed by the sinking feeling of how much it’s going to cost!

Interior design fees aren’t the only problem

Interior designers are fantastic for introducing clever and unique ideas that add value to your home, while helping you stick to a clear plan and budget. Ah, there’s that word – budget.

The trouble with hiring interior designers is that different professionals specialise in different areas of your home styling needs. It becomes confusing to figure out who can help with what when it comes to fixtures, fittings and finishes versus furnishings and interior decoration. Meanwhile, hourly rates can snowball and what you initially expected to pay for the full service gets blown way out.

So, what other options do you have? Go through a retail outlet that offers interior decorating services? While this avenue might save you the frustration of hidden hourly rates, there’s often room limitations – not to mention your product selection is limited to that store’s offering. This puts huge limitations on your ability to be diverse, eclectic and creative in your furniture and décor choices.

FURNISHD. offers a transparent upfront price list for our exceptional interior design services

Introducing FURNISHD. – the ideal flexible interior design package to cater for your individual needs, while knowing exactly where you stand financially from the get-go.

FURNISHD. is an all-in-one interior design solution with no room limitations and zero hidden fees or nasty surprises. You’ll gain access to our phenomenal interior design experts, who work closely alongside you to transform your living spaces into luxurious retreats where you can relax and unwind in comfort.

We’ll help you achieve a minimalist Scandi vibe, industrial interior design, bohemian décor… you name it.

Why choose FURNISHD. over traditional interior design services?

  • No limitation – There are no room limits with FURNISHD., and we have thousands of products from hundreds of quality brands available, tailored to your style and budget.
  • No surprises – Our fixed price model means you can enjoy your interior design experience with full peace of mind that there are no hidden costs or unwanted surprises down the line.

  • No hassle – Who has time to coordinate purchases and deliveries? With FURNISHD. you can sit back and relax as our personal shopping team sort allllll the detail.

  • No regret – Qualified interior designers guiding you every step of the way, with each and every piece expertly curated for you, your home and your needs? Yes please.

FURNISHD. interior design price list:


For just $849, our online interior designers will help you with furnishing layout, recommended sizing, budget allocation and style summary services. However, our FURNISHD. TRANSFORMED flexible interior design package is where you really gain access to the full scope of our bespoke home transformations.

Priced at $2849, FURNISHD. TRANSFORMED includes:


  • Furnishing Layout
  • Recommended Sizing
  • Budget Allocation
  • Style Summary



  • 1-on-1 Consultation
  • Tailored Selections
  • Curated Moodboards
  • Budget Tracking
  • Lead Time Management



  • Price Matching
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Loyalty Cash Back Offer
  • After-Sale Coordination

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