How-To: Create A Scandi Style Home

The Scandi interior design trend first came to prominence back in the 1950’s and, as the sale of billions of flatpacks and Swedish meatballs the world over since then will attest, it’s a style that we’re still lusting after today. 

It focuses on simplicity, functionality and a connection to nature, and it creates calming, useful spaces that are easy-peasy to live in.

We chatted to the FURNISHD. design team to get their top tips on creating a calming, cosy and super-functional Scandi home that will last a lifetime. No allen keys are required! 

The Scandi bones 

To really nail the Scandi look at your place, take a look at the bones of the space before you start fleshing it out with furnishings and accessories.

True Scandi spaces usually have pale timber floors and white walls.

These work together to make spaces seem bigger, brighter and airier and provide the perfect backdrop for the minimalist but comfy styling that will create your Scandi home.

Big windows and abundant natural light are also features of this style, so get rid of any heavy window furnishings or things that block the light from pouring in.

And finally, to set the scene for a jolly good Scandi-ing, you have to declutter.

We know, we know – we bang on about this ALL the time, but styles like Scandi are simply impossible to achieve if there’s heaps of stuff everywhere.

The beauty of Scandi, and the reason it’s so calming, is that it’s clean, functional and easy – and clutter makes all of that pretty tricky.

But don’t start going down the hardcore minimalism path just yet – Scandi is more about finding a sense of ‘lagom’ (pronounced lah-gom ) which is a Swedish and Norwegian word that means ‘just right’.

So, we’re talking a happy middle ground between the sparse styling of minimalism and having piles of stuff taking over every flat surface of your home.

You have what you need and use, and not more.


Image courtesy of @scandinavian.interior


Let there be light!

Scandinavian countries endure long, dark winters with short days and long, cold nights.

So it’s fair to say that natural light is a hot commodity, and this is reflected in the Scandi interior design style.

The white walls reflect as much light as possible, making the rooms seem lighter and brighter. Windows are traditionally large to capture all the light they can, and window furnishings (if any are used at all) are designed to let in as much light as possible, so sheer curtains are perfect – just remind hubby to throw some pants on before he walks past the front window.

Pendant lights and lamps are big in Scandi styling, and are necessary for when the natural Nordic light is in short supply.

While we enjoy a lot more sun than our Scandinavian friends do, emulating their choice of lighting goes a long way to achieving an authentic Scandi look.

Hang three or four round pendants in a cluster for classic Scandi style, and use lamps and candles for ambient lighting.


“The Scandi interior design trend first came to prominence back in the 1950’s and, as the sale of billions of flatpacks and Swedish meatballs the world over since then will attest, it’s a style that we’re still lusting after today.”


What the hell is Hygge?

What the hell is Hygge you ask? It’s the best, that’s what. It’s what makes your Scandi-fied house feel like home.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word used to describe the feeling of comfort, cosiness and contentment.

Hygge is an integral element of Scandi style, and is essentially what elevates it from a purely minimalist aesthetic.

Including comfy (but still functional!) elements like plush floor rugs, plump cushions, cosy throw blankets, and furniture upholstered in luxurious fabrics will inject your home with Hygge.

And don’t forget about things that facilitate that feeling of contentedness in other ways, like a big dining table that allows you to entertain your nearest and dearest, scented candles, ceramic vases for mood-boosting blooms, a sound system for your favourite tunes, and a well-organised pantry full of your favourite foods – especially the chocolate the kids don’t know about.


Image courtesy of @nordic_design


Style me Scandi 

Scandi, at its heart, is an earthy style with a strong connection to nature.

Natural materials are the stars of the Scandi show, with a particular focus on pale coloured timber, mixed back with rattan, seagrass, metals (like copper, brass and black powder-coated steel), and textural soft furnishings. 

Open the curtains and let the view of the garden in, and scatter greenery throughout your Scandi home with pot-plants and stems in vases to inject some colour and to complement the natural materials. 

Accessorise your Scandi space with functional ceramics like vases and bowls, wall mirrors, and beautiful storage furniture that doubles as décor.

Create contrast to your fresh white walls with pops of black – photos and prints in black frames, black side tables or bar stools, and black tapware and light shades will all work brilliantly.



Image courtesy of @designstuff


 What do Scandi furniture and Viggo have in common?

Scandi furniture is gorgeous in its simplicity, but is even better because of its sharp focus on functionality.

It’s the Viggo Mortenson of furniture styles – very beautiful, and also very good at what it does.

Scandi furniture is style and substance (not just a pretty face), and well-chosen quality pieces that will last a lifetime are the cornerstone of traditional Scandi styling.

Look for timber pieces with clean lines, organic curves, and elegantly tapered legs, offset by leather accent chairs, deep inviting couches in shades of grey, and dining tables that can be extended for cosy (read: boozy) dinner parties.

Mid-century modern furniture can be perfect for Scandi styling (we had a chat about the mid-century modern style here), but if you can’t find or afford the real (vintage) deal, there are loads of great options available today that will create the same look and feel. 

Ready to get Nordic? FURNISHD. can design a Scandi look for your place that will have all the hygge and lagom you can poke a stick at, and we’ll deliver everything you need right to your door.



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