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9 Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations | FURNISHD.

Anyone who’s done an extensive home renovation will tell you that it’s a hell of a lot less fun than The Block makes it look. It’s messy, stressy, and dusty. And, if you’re DIYing it with your partner, it can also be a bit shouty and what-have-we-gotten-ourselves into-y.

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel Room

At a time when the word ‘hotel’ has suddenly become synonymous with ‘quarantine’ and travel has become an uncertain prospect, many of us probably won’t be indulging in a five-star escape for a while.
So, how can you recreate that magical luxury hotel room feeling in your own bedroom?

How To Create A Japandi Haven In Your Home

While Bennifer and Brangelina didn’t exactly do wonders for instilling confidence in blended named couples, we think Japandi (a blend of Japanese and Scandi) is a match made in design heaven.

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