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How-To: Create A Scandi Style Home

The Scandi interior design trend first came to prominence back in the 1950’s and, as the sale of billions of flatpacks and Swedish meatballs the world over since then will attest, it’s a style that we’re still lusting after today.

It focuses on simplicity, functionality and a connection to nature, and it creates calming, useful spaces that are easy-peasy to live in.

9 Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations | FURNISHD.

Anyone who’s done an extensive home renovation will tell you that it’s a hell of a lot less fun than The Block makes it look. It’s messy, stressy, and dusty. And, if you’re DIYing it with your partner, it can also be a bit shouty and what-have-we-gotten-ourselves into-y.

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel Room

At a time when the word ‘hotel’ has suddenly become synonymous with ‘quarantine’ and travel has become an uncertain prospect, many of us probably won’t be indulging in a five-star escape for a while.
So, how can you recreate that magical luxury hotel room feeling in your own bedroom?

How To Create A Japandi Haven In Your Home

While Bennifer and Brangelina didn’t exactly do wonders for instilling confidence in blended named couples, we think Japandi (a blend of Japanese and Scandi) is a match made in design heaven.

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